Covid Analytics

Analytics for a better world project

This project connects to SDG 3, Good Health and Well-Being.


The Research project is led by Professor Dimitris Bertsimas of MIT. Several collaborators, students and partners work on this large effort.

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Covid Analytics is comprised of a group of researchers from the MIT Operations Research Center, led by Professor Dimitris Bertsimas. They aim to quickly develop and deliver tools for hospitals and policymakers in the US to combat the spread of COVID-19. This work represents a collaborative effort with multiple hospitals which have been providing us with data and support throughout the model creation process.

A critical tool for COVID-19 planning is charting out the progression of the pandemic across the United States and the world. They have developed a new epidemiological model called DELPHI, which forecasts infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. You can think of our model as a standard SEIR model with additional features specific to the COVID-19 pandemic, like under-detection and differentiated government intervention.




View the project and ongoing research on the Covid Analytics Project Website.