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View past and ongoing research projects aimed at improving the world through Sustainable Development Goals.

About Us

Meet the collaborating duo behind Analytics for a Better World and learn more about their vision.

We believe that Analytics can be of much value to improve our world.

Our society is facing many challenges. We believe that Analytics can be of much value to improve our world. It is encouraging to see that more and more (especially young) Analytics researchers are enthusiastic to use Analytics to make this world a better place. Analytics has already contributed significantly to, e.g., the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

To make these societal contributions of Analytics more visible, and to stimulate research in this area, we have started a new initiative: “Analytics for a Better World (ABW)”. Every month we will organize one webinar on a high societal impact Analytics project. The focus of the webinars is not on theoretical innovation, but on societal impact. These webinars will be recorded, and the videos can be used for educational purposes. Moreover, this website contains descriptions of ABW research projects at our universities (MIT and University of Amsterdam). We also hope that these material are inspiring and useful for teaching Analytics.

Dimitris Bertsimas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
Dick den Hertog, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands